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Design is my passion! I am driven by conceptualizing and executing environments for the everyday; whether it be on a permanent or temporary basis.

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I am a highly creative person who is always looking for the next project. I love being on the go, making selections, rearranging spaces, building fixtures and I seem to find myself at the top of ladders often. Attitude is everything; my open minded, optimistic attitude has enabled me to navigate through life always finding solutions . My interest in learning is a reminder to myself that I can accomplish what I put my mind to.

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Interior Design

From residential to commercial to retail, I enjoy being versatile with my design skills, both physical and technical.

Visual Styling

I love the ever changing environment of retail. The opportunity to manipulate space, color, composition and lighting is always a  welcome challenge

Fine Art

My love for art started as a childhood hobby that has stayed with me. I jump at any opportunity to create art in many facets.

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Here you will find a mixture of all that I have had a hand in visualizing, creating and building.

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